DIY Decor: E-Design Project Questionnaire

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This person is the primary contact who will be our go-to for purchasing permissions, design sign-offs and general communications
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Project Address
Because different dynamics at home impact design it is helpful to know all the residents. Please tell us the ages and any special needs of people and pets in the home.
How often do you entertain? Do you currently have room for this, or do you need to reallocate space for this purpose? If so, what do you need to make sure to include so entertaining becomes easier?
Write a list of your family’s regular activities. Do you need a special reading nook, does someone like to do puzzles in the family room, or paint in the kitchen? Knowing these things helps us decide if we need to make rooms dual purpose or where to relocate these activities to best use the space.
What kind of spaces make you feel good? *
How would you describe your style? *
What do you consider your style? (If you aren't sure, visit the "Style Guide" on our website to help you make your selections) Select all that apply:
If anything in your home inspires you, maybe we can use this as the starting point for your design. Also let us know if there is an important heirloom or collection to integrate.
Think restaurant, hotel, museum, even a TV show set - anything that evokes a a style you would like to bring into your design.
What mood do you want to create overall? *
Select all that apply
What colors do you love? What colors do you hate? Do you seem to be drawn to particular color combinations?
Fabric: Patterns and fabric textures you like
Window Coverings: Which of the following do you require of window treatments?
Select all that apply
Window Coverings: Which of the following do you prefer?
Select all that apply
Art: What type of subject matter do you prefer? *
Select all that apply
Art: What medium do you prefer? *
Select all that apply
List any environmental allergies you may have (feathers, wool, etc.) and if we should avoid placing any items in your home that contain these items.
Please list the spaces you would like to work on, and indicate the goal of how each one is used
Add an extra 20% to that figure to cover the incidentals that always pop up
A time-table is developed for purchasing and ordering, work to be done by trades, and final installation. This schedule will be adjusted along the way to accommodate unforeseen circumstances. Please be aware that most projects take several months to complete. The lead time on furniture can often be 8-15 weeks.
While we work to give you the look you want, inside the budget you need, it is helpful to know what is driving this project for you
If so, how was the experience?
Is there anything else that you would you like for me to know?